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377540_10151117412315582_1742436298_nHi! I’m Myeashea, a biological anthropology grad student in NYC, and science and art enthusiast. I LOVE anthropology! Every day is an adventure and an opportunity. I started this blog to de-mystify the WORLD of ANTHROPOLOGY!

Anthropology is the discipline that studies what it is to be human! In order to do that, anthros are super interdisciplinary! It really takes a village to understand the ways in which we create, develop, and respond to our world. For me, anthropology should not only be able learning about ourselves and our world, but also participate in active solutions and policies to help make the world better. Yes, I am an activist as well!

I have an AA in Anthropology, a BA in Culture and Media, and finishing MA in Bio Anthropology. I’ve been primarily focused on skeletal pathology and how the body responds to environmental pressures. This means I really love bones, and the weird ones are the best!

I’m also currently on a path towards a PhD in Bio Anthropology.

I’m a trained filmmaker and photographer, have worked on a few documentary shorts and photo ethnographies, and I am a ‘digital media professional’- which is a fancy way to say I use all my training to develop and design content and visuals for other businesses.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few amazing institutions including the Smithsonian, The Franklin Institute and The Clinton Global Initiative University.

I’m also a lover of Legos, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Dr. Suess and a myriad of other amazingly cool things, and I am inspired by the struggles and navigation of the every day and the “ordinary”.

Let’s get to know each other, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting ‘The Rockstar Anthropologist!’

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