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Anthropology Blogging 101: The Rockstar Anthropologist

This week, I am headed to ComSciCon national workshop to level up my science communication skills across a variety of platforms. I’m really excited to have been invited to participate in the program!

I thought it would be appropriate to reBlog this interview I was asked to do for the outstanding anthropology blog, The Geek Anthropologist!

The Geek Anthropologist

This post is part of the Anthropology Blogging 101 series.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Myeashea Alexander. I was born in Flagstaff, AZ, but raised in Brooklyn, NY and still live here in Brooklyn. I am a biological anthropology graduate student at CUNY Hunter College, and I have a BA from The New School in Culture and Media, and an Associate degree in International Relations. My focus areas include paleopathology and osteology.


I am also interested in the human body and the future–how technologies will impact our relationship to our bodies, how we grow, heal, and define what it is to be human versus machine. This interest is very influenced by futurist Brian David Johnson.

Because of my background in culture, my current research topic is centered around the role of the skull in relation to race and social justice within the United States.

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