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Histories Mistakes: The Story of Alan Turing

A Mythical Creature, Wanted



Above all the other reasons I have for appreciating this biographical film, the first and foremost is that it arrived at a time in which people are beginning to awaken to the possibilities of losing personal freedoms.

Alan Turing, the man responsible for building the world’s first modern computer, took his own life two weeks before his 42nd birthday after suffering the sentence of chemical castration for being convicted of committing homosexual acts. While the British prime minister and Queen Elizabeth II both honored him and apologized for his abuse at the hands of authorities, it is impossible to ignore that at least four generations of British male citizens had been tortured (chemically, emotionally, and I’m quite sure physically) and imprisoned for having sexual relationships with other men. There were hundreds of thousands of men treated like Alan Turing -and worse- but because they did not achieve what was, by…

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