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Gift Guide for Anthropologists

Great Gift Ideas for the Anthro lover! Image via Etsy shop Idontgiveaflyingfox

Ever since I started college, as the years increase, my gift lists get more practical- books, office supplies, coffee gift cards…

However, I wanted to put together a list of items that are both practical and fun! I also threw in some things that are just nice. I tried to stick to small, independently own businesses.

This fun t-shirt is from the Etsy shop, FragglesAndFriggles Check out to the shop for other adorably nerdy options. Starts at $20 USD




Etsy is also full of pretty cool vintage anthropology texts! This one from AuralesArtifacts reminded me of my first anthro class- the gateway class! $24.14 USD

il_570xN.681652238_9o31 (1)

MeganLee is one of my FAVORITE artists! In her signature style, Lee recently created an ode to Jane Goodall that is just awesome! Items in her shop start a $4.75 USD. This particular print (12×18) is $40.



Make your own chocolate covered Oreo cookies? There’s a mold for that from Fancy Flours! $10 USD



Speaking of chocolate, I’m not sure how you could go wrong with chocolate covered coffee beans! But these beans from Deviant Dame take it to the next level- they’re skulls! $7.50 USD


Here are some other fun chocolate treats for your anthro and osteology lover:

I’m a major fan of this book and this professor! Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths About Human Nature by Agustín Fuentes! This is a must have for any library, not just anthro lovers  $29 Strand Books

download (3)


Consider gifting an American Association of Anthropology membership! These memberships are very valuable and appreciated!


Other memberships that you may want to give: local museums, historical societies, wine of the month clubs, gym, boxing, newspaper, Netflix.

A nice bike from Pure Fix Cycles is definitely on my list! I’m a big fan of this particular model! $329 USD



Sheets! Yes, a good night’s rest is often a luxury for busy professors, researchers, and students. However, it can make a WORLD of difference! Nice bedding can be really expensive or not in the budget. Mattress pads, soft comfy sheets, a cozy throw to wrap around you while studying would be awesome. Places like TJ Maxx, Macys, and West Elm have good deals and a broad selection. West Elm also partners with independent artists to offer other unique home decor gifts (I like that).

Image via West Elm

Image via West Elm


I LOVE coffee and tea and the Etsy shop, Gray December! My recently purchased mug is one of my most cherished items! The large size fits nicely in my hands and holds a lot of caffeine. Since her items are handmade they do take a bit of time to receive, so consider a gift certificate or buy it and include a picture of it in a card. You will NOT be sorry!



I hope this guide helps! Include your favorite gift items in the comments below, and if you buy or own any of these, talk about it!


Happy Holidays from NYC, Everyone!

Central Park Image via f

Central Park Image via f

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