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What an Independent Scotland would mean for Archaeology and Heritage.

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On September 18th the people of Scotland will vote on their independence from the United Kingdom, potentially becoming the oldest-newest independent nation in the world. Until last week the result of the referendum was predictable, the ‘Yes’ campaign (pro-independence) was heading for a shellacking. A few months ago some polls had the No Campaign, more correctly the ‘No Thanks’ (such a British thing to do, labeling it ‘no thanks’) group, ahead by 20 points i.e.  34% voting Yes and 54% voting no, with the rest undecided. If they had swung the ‘not sure’ voters the ‘No Thanks’ campaign could have easily won 2/3rds of the vote. Like I said, a shellacking. Going into September some polls still had them ahead by 10-15 points. In the last few weeks that lead has collapsed and now some polls have the ‘Yes’ campaign within the margin of error or ahead. An independent Scotland has…

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