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In honour of #MuseumCats (head over to Culture Themes to find out more), we’re taking a look through Wellcome Collection’s clowder of cat-related material: from scientific accounts to historical satire; from safe sex posters to Henry Wellcome’s very own felines. Follow us on Twitter for a cornucopia of kitty caboodle. Meanwhile, Russell Dornan tells us about some of the ways cats are represented in our collection.

A cat running. Photogravure after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.

Henry’s Cats

It seems fitting to start this post with the very cats owned by Sir Henry Wellcome, especially as they had a mansion all to themselves next to Regent’s Park in London. Although he didn’t live with them all the time (preferring to stay in a hotel in Portland Place) he was an attentive owner who recognised his cat’s very particular needs.

Henry Wellcome's cat, Pip, with one of her kittens. Henry Wellcome’s cat, Pip, with one of her kittens.

As an “archetypal cat owner, with the eccentricities to match”, Wellcome made sure Pip…

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