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WTF is ‘Archaeoastronomy’?!

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When I think about what I’ve learned throughout my anthropological education, if I heard the word ‘space,’ what was typically being discussed was location, area, events that related to a position. I rarely thought about astronomical space. In culture, we tend to think of space in terms of where culture is located, observed, practiced. However, as I prepare for my trip to the NASA space center, I’m thinking of space in a realm that is pretty foreign to me.

However, the comforting thing about anthropology is that if it involves humans, there is probably an anthropological angle that is worth exploring. As I set out on my mission to understand astronomy, space and physics as anthropologist might, I stumbled onto the Center for Archaeoastronomy.

As I read about the mission of archaeoastronomy, it began to make sense pretty quickly. Consider all the great monuments and civilizations that were based…

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