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Bone Quiz # 7

Bone Broke

As you may have surmised, I am back in Spain to finish up my dissertation fieldwork. This time around I’ll be here for five months which makes me happy – ¡Espero que esto es bastante tiempo para finalmente mejorar mi Español!

But my recent change of address isn’t the only reason that I’ve been excited lately. I found something yesterday while conducting a skeletal inventory that led me to gasp momentarily , because this is something that rarely preserves archaeologically.

All you need to do to get full marks on this bone quiz is to guess what bone this is. I won’t even have you side it (which is something of a hint, for those of you who need one).

¡Buena suerte!

Anterior View Anterior View

Posterior View Posterior View

Superior View Superior View

Inferior View Inferior View

Image Credits: All photos were taken at the Museo de Jaén, summer 2014. Answer below the jump…..


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