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More #CEWeek Reviews: 4K Television Madness!

As I walked through the CE Week showcase, it became very clear to me that 4K TV’s were staging an all out infilitration of living rooms everywhere! They are getting better, smarter, flatter and cheaper! The picture quality is hyper-real and the manufactures are playing no games!

Even in this sea of television beauty, there were a couple of units that blow my friggin’ mind!


This was my first experience with this particular company’s products, and it definitely made one hell of a first impression! ‘The Rockstar Anthro,’ being a huge audiophile and a fan of high fashion offered explained to me that B&O was definitely where tech and couture got busy! Their TV’s? Proof of that statement!

I’d not previously seen too many 4K tv’s, and after walking around CE Week the BeoVision Avant is still in my Top 3, hands down.  The set itself is wonderfully crafted, and the screen will blow you away, but it’s the full combination of specs/features that will make you look at the price tag and say, “Totally worth it!”.


B&O offer three different motorized stands for use with this beauty, and each one adds a different level of awesome to the experience.

There are wall mount, tabletop, and floor models, each one allows the tv to enjoy a certain amount of freedom, but it’s the tabletop and floor models which bring it to the next level.  When you turn on the tv with the tabletop stand, it instantly raises to a predetermined height, allowing the built-in sound bar to descend from under the tv.

It may not sound so exciting as you read this, but seeing it in action you definitely feel like it’s a tv from the future.  The floor model allows for even more movement, as the vertical part of the stand can move in a full 360degrees around the base, in addition to a 180degree turning radius.

But it’s the screen that matters right?  Well you certainly won’t be let down!  The only way to describe the image is “hyper-reality”.  It looks so good, regular old actual reality just can’t stand up.  The blacks are rich and dark, the colors brilliant, and all of this is made even better with the adaptive sensor on top of the set which constantly monitors the room for changing in not only brightness, but what color light, and automatically adjusts the screen to keep the best possible image.

beovision-avant-14Oh yeah, that built-in sound bar I mentioned, it packs a wallop!  It’s an 8 speaker bar ( 3 tweeters, 3 midrange, and two bass drivers) that runs on a 3-channel system, and hits all the right notes.  Can you tell I want one of these??  Now for that wallet punch… The tv is tagged at $7,995 by itself without the stands I mentioned.  See more info at, on FB at, or on Twitter @bangolufson.




Another company on my Top 3 list for 4K tv’s (I know I just spent all that time on the B&O set, but I’m an even bigger fan of these if you can believe it!), they had three showings at CE Week and each one was worth a look!

Each of these is a smart tv, as you’d expect these days, but the key differentiator is that these LG models are powered by webOS!

Yes, that webOS, the cherished platform from Palm that HP had seemingly all but gotten rid of is back, and it’s in your television!  LG takes tv multi-tasking to the next level with this marriage, and allows you to keep all your “apps” running at the same time.

When you switch from say, Netflix to Youtube, neither will close, but instead stay just where you left it when you switched.  Plus they’ve made navigating these awesome apps all the easier with a motion remote (similar to a Wii), which they called a “Magic Remote”!  So, after that price bomb I dropped on you a moment ago, let me go ahead and assure you that LG is pricing these sets much more affordably and competitively starting as low as $1,500 (depending on size and where you buy).  Let’s get to the models!

First up we’ve got that $1,500 one I just mentioned, and it’s the UB8500 (MSRP $2299).  Coming in at either 49 or 55 inches, (the 55 is $2000) this is the entry-level model, but it still packs all the great features you’d want.  In addition to the 4K screen and webOS, it packs a 20-watt speaker system, that fancy motion remote, and two pairs of passive 3D glasses!  With all that, you’ll have no problem justifying the price.  I hope to grab one of these myself one day! #Dreams #Aspirations

Next up is the UB9500 which adds more size and sound to the mix.  Coming in 55 and 65 in models, they include all the great things as the 8500, but kick that sound up to a 35-watt 2.1 speaker system.  These two will run you $2,500 and $3,500 respectively.




Lastly, we’ve got the big daddy sets!  The UB9800 line consists of three tv’s, coming in at a modest 65in, a you better have a penthouse 79in, and finally a your entire home is nothing but living room 84in model!  Yes, you can finally get a 4K tv big enough for Godzilla to watch himself on, and feel like it’s a mirror.  But wait! They don’t just stop with big screens, they’ve ramped up that sound game too.


Partnering up with Harman Kardon (who recently worked with HTC to make a beefier sounding version of the M8), these sets will rock sound systems to the tune of 70W 4.2, 90W 5.2, and 120W 5.2!  Hearing a pin drop from that 84incher with the volume all the way up may result in ruptured eardrums people!  Now, of course, the prices are going to be just as big as these specs… We’re looking at $4,500, $8,000, aaannnddd… $15,000.  Yeah, that last one is a bit much, but if you have a living room that can properly support an 84in tv, I think you could probably swing it.

On last note about LG is that they were talking about their new contest during the show, “The Art of the Pixel”.  Already going on, the contest runs from June 1st through July 13th, with voting starting July 1st.  For this contest they’ve teamed up with some of the country’s most prestigious art schools including Parsons, Pratt, Calarts and more.  They’ve also secured legendary art enthusiast Neil Patrick Harris to host.  Get all the details at  #WeSupportTheArts



So, I’ve been talking about my “Top 3” through this post! Wanna know my 3rd pick? Ask me in the comments, and we’ll chat!

That’s it for now! I’ll be talking groundbreaking peripherals later this week, so get ready!

Mike, out!

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