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5 Really Bad Anthro Movies

@BillMaher and @shannonleetweed starred in an #anthropology related #film together?! And, yes, it’s as #epic as it sounds!

The Rockstar Anthropologist

Anthropologists have often been portrayed as brave, intelligent, and clever adventurers who infiltrate deep into thought-to-be long lost, untouched, primitive peoples and villages, or skillful explorers who uncover the mysteries of unknown civilizations,  outwit booby traps, or foil the clumsily laid plans of greedy villains.

Admittedly, Hollywood takes some liberties and pushes some boundaries, but sometimes things go really wrong and films like these 5 get made!

And so, for your next ‘Bad Movie Date Night’ here are some awesome (yet, terrible) picks perfect for a bit of good-natured mockery!

#5. Sphinx  (1981) Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner- While doing research for a paper, Egyptologist, Erica Baron (Lesley-Anne Down) witnesses a murder of  a shady art dealer and the drama ensues! Naturally, rather than report the death to the authorities, the heroine sets off to solve the crime herself.

#4. When Women Had Tails (1970)-  “An Italian prehistoric sex farce”-…

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