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Bones, Betazoids and Battleaxes: Life and Times of an Anthrogeek

The Geek Anthropologist

My mother was (and is) a fan of all things science fiction and fantasy. She named me Rayna after an android from the Star Trek TOS episode “Requiem for Methuselah.” My first introduction to gaming was when I was six, when she brought me to her D&D group, and when I finally got an Atari. Needless to say, the influence of geekdom on my life began early on. My fascination with Ancient Egyptian culture started to grow. Through this framework, my interest has always included psychology, history of humanity and people’s individual stories, since my childhood exposed me to a mixture of science fiction and real world characters.

Rayna Vampire The author as a vampire, mwahahaha!

Once I became a teenager, death narratives took more of my attention and I wanted to explore them further. I started researching death rituals of Ancient Egypt and then eventually explored them in different…

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