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A Forgotten Part of British History: Belle

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CONTENT NOTE: This review will contain spoilers.

by Shane Thomas

If I asked 20 people to name me a superhero movie, I’d expect to get a high degree of variance in the answers. But if I asked for a movie about slavery? I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to foretell that the majority response – especially at the moment – would be 12 Years a Slave. And as much as I hold Steve McQueen’s film in high regard, I confess I worried it would be (through no fault of McQueen) forever perceived as the film about slavery, reducing centuries of horrific violence and oppression to a 134 minute story.

Which brings us to Amma Asante’s, Belle. The story is set in a Britain where slavery remains a legal and quotidian part of the country. Navy officer, Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode) has fathered a mixed-race…

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