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Five Things People Hate the Most

“Do you know what really grinds my gears?!”

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hateIn my post several days ago, I published an internet hate map. The map is quite popular among the readers of this blog. It shows where people express their negative opinions and includes data from more than 140 countries. We found out that wars and crises increased people’s hate speech significantly. But I am very intrigued to see not only where “hate” is expressed but also what are things people hate the most. So, I performed some content analysis on this matter. It took me time as this form of content analysis is complex and involves methods of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The methods is tricky one and it gets trickier when you have 200.000 units of information to analyse. However, methods were not as big issue here as ethics. I noticed that messages I collected on the hate were full of racism. The question was: how do I communicate…

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