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Scholarly Hipsters, Scholarly Geeks, Part 1: Definitions

The Geek Anthropologist

Over at the Savage Minds blog, Alex Posecznick has been writing a thought-provoking series on “Anthroplogists as Scholarly Hipsters.” You should go read it (I’ll wait), but at the core of the series is this comparison between the hipster, who holds that “as soon as non-hipsters have heard of band X it is no longer superior to band Y,” and the anthropologist, for whom “discovering powerful theoretical lenses (the equivalent of the next great band or fashion) produces cultural capital…but jumping on the bandwagon too late can be labeled cheap opportunism.” I think his diagnosis is fairly accurate, but it got me thinking about what geeks might have to offer in this conversation, and I think that it has to do with the ironic. Irony plays a major part in hipster identity, and Alex has acknowledged this, but as byrdmcdaniel, a commenter on part four of the…

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