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A “living” amphitheater blooms, Edward Snowden gets graphic, and a new algorithm for Google …

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What Antonio Torres' "living ampitheater" will look like. Photo: Courtesy of Bittertang What Antonio Torres’ “living ampitheater” will look like. Photo: Courtesy of Bittertang

Below, just a few of the intriguing headlines involving members of the TED community this week:

TED Fellow Antonio Torres is creating a“living” amphitheater in Lake Forest, Illinois. Made from netted straw, wildflowers and vines, it will bloom throughout the summer and fall while it hosts performances. (Read more about Antonio’s work.)

Jack Andraka’s latest invention? A cheap, credit card-sized device that can detect water contaminants. (Watch his talk, “A promising test for pancreatic teacher … from a teenager.”)

Sheryl Sandberg has joined The Giving Pledge, signing on to give away half of her fortune to charity. This campaign, started by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, now has 127 members. (Watch Sandberg’s talk “So we leaned in … now what?” and the Gates’ “Why giving away our…

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