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Running errands, snatched a dog! Mine Now! #FrankieChan #TBT Another awesome-nificent gift was my #logo hand stitched from @bitchykitsch! I was like “Whaaattttt?!” My #punk inspired logo Cross stitched?! I still ❤️ this so hard! She has since gifted me a much larger one that has yet to be done photographed! #crossstitch #awesomegifts #TBT To date, this is still one of the cooooolest gifts I’ve received!! A RockstarAnthro #Lego #minifig! Complete with logo, #skull, and my colorful hair (which I don’t have currently). It was from a student anthro group at a college and they were big fans of my #blog and thought my love of #Legos was endearing, lol!! I APPRECIATE all the love, support and interaction that I get from all of you! You’re so dope! I have so much to do, and even though Today is the first day in about two weeks that I haven’t felt sick-ish, I’ve done nothing but watch him sleep. I need to work on my time management skills Click the LINK in the bio! Part Two of the #DeviantBeauty series is up! Featuring the enigmatic artist @krystalrose_arts! Thank you again for sitting down with me and @damarimcbride for your awesome #photography! #anthropology #portraitphotography #bodymods #brooklynartist #streetartist #MadeInNY When you tell Krista not to move #donttellmewhattodo #largeformatcamera #portrait #filmphotography #brooklynartist #photographer #blackartist
Trowel and Bone

an exploration of all things death

The Bioarchaeology of Childhood | Sian Halcrow

I study dead babies from the past