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  • Over the past week, there have been a lot of articles and stories about mummies being found, preserved, etc., and I’ve been doing my best to post and share the good [...]



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Damari found this cookbook while in South Africa. It’s one for the most beautiful #cookbooks I’ve ever seen! #Babel
I love soul deliveries from @penzeys2.0 #spicegirl #cookinglove
Hey folks! @damarimcbride will be leading an informal workshop on Citizen Science Photography! I’ll also be representing ComSciCon by sharing the ways in which attendees can use their awesome photos to help with scientific research!Let’s go do some science! #Repost @comscicon ・・・ Mark your calendars! We are co-hosting a Citizen Science Photography training workshop with the NYC Minority Graduate Student Network! April 28th at 10AM! No experience necessary! Share! #CitSci #photography #natureinthecity #citizenscience #NYC #scicomm #freenycevents #science
Here’s your face of determination! Take this day and make it your bi***!! Image by @damarimcbride #Repost ・・・ Tomorrow marks about a week since I have been back from South Africa on assignment for @nourish_npo and @photographerswithoutborders . I’m still amazed at what Nourish is doing to help so many kids thrive and be given a chance in this unfair and unjust world. We never have to settle for what life has dealt us, there's a way out of every obstacle, there’s always a chance to be given and one to take, we just have to be better about stressing that to our young. Nourish does an amazing job at this. The photograph you are viewing is at one of the Creches that Nourish works with. Creches give children a head start in life. Nourish said it best that it’s “a hand up, not a hand out.” When we arrived, the students were in the middle of a daily affirmation, one of positivity and empowerment, which all children have. This little one stood out to me. Look at that power, determination, leadership. This is power. In a lot of the photographs you will see from me involving students I shoot from a low angle to show that they are great and powerful and will overcome anything dealt to them. They’re our future and our dedication to them should be our priority. . . . . #children #powerful #inspiration #education #humanitarian #photography #photographer #photographerswithoutborders #portrait #photojournalism #southafrica #nourishnpo #photooftheday #love #humanity #travel #blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic #southafrica #girlpower
What part of the game is this?! Dexter almost floated away this morning
Do you know how long it’s been since I was awakened with breakfast in bed?!?! Three whole weeks!!! I had to rough it!! #grateful #gratitude #sundaymorning
Trowel and Bone

an exploration of all things death

The Bioarchaeology of Childhood | Sian Halcrow

I study dead babies from the past