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    Buck the Cubicle series from P2 Photography American, Bruce Gardner, was motivated to learn Dorodango, a Japanese art form in which soil and water are shaped into a delicate shiny sphere. The word doro-dango translates as mud (doro-), dumpling (dango). Hikaru means [...]
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    I get news alerts every day all day about a variety of headlines pertaining to anthropology, science, culture and, specifically, skeletal remains. The other day, my friend was watching one of those ‘CSI’, ‘Bones’ types of shows and commented, [...]
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    Last June, I did a post on this magazine, and since then they have launched AND are working on the next issue. Have you checked it out yet?! Order Issue One here! I wanna know your thoughts!   “Peeps Magazine is an independent magazine that delivers stories from [...]

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