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  • Photo: Kristofer Jansson, Interactive Institute.
    The Interactive Institute in collaboration with Norrköping Visualization Center and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization has developed a table that will allow you to take a walk through the human body, virtually. Known as both the Virtual Autopsy [...]
  • persons-36465_640
    …And my birthday month!! All in all, I’d say March is a pretty significant month all around. I wanted to find a way to truly celebrate and inform, so I decided to fill this month with some women’s centered medical anthropology and history. For the [...]
  • Featured Image -- 2388
    Originally posted on AP Images Blog:
    Photos by Esteban Felix Ricardo Farfan doesn’t get the jobs he used to. Sometimes his only audience is his wife. But every morning the 91-year-old [...]

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