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  • B0009931 Ebola virus structure, illustration
    Originally posted on Wellcome Trust Blog:
    The latest WHO figures put the current death toll of the on-going Ebola outbreak at almost 5000, with over 10,000 cases reported in eight countries, [...]
  • Image via Daily Mail
    I was in middle school when “The Craft” came out. The movie went as follows: A high school girl transfers into a seedy Hollywood high school and meets 3 outcasts. They befriend her as they soon discover that she may contain some magic and would be the [...]
  • Image via Spark (Kickstarter)
    We’ve all been there- overworked, over-partied, worn out, underrested. Or perhaps your body is just in need of some rest management due to illness, disease, etc. But things have to get done, right? So, we find ourselves pushing through what we are dealing with, [...]

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