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  • British singer/songwriter Viktoria Modesta modeling her Speaker Leg. © Alternative Limb Project
    These were our top viewed social media posts this past week We Can’t Breathe! Protests denouncing police brutality and the structural violence and inequalities that has plagued Black American communities since the creation of the U.S. continued throughout the [...]
    Ever since I started college, as the years increase, my gift lists get more practical- books, office supplies, coffee gift cards… However, I wanted to put together a list of items that are both practical and fun! I also threw in some things that are just nice. I [...]
  • Featured Image -- 2235
    Originally posted on The Geek Anthropologist:
    One of the most important things that you can do at a conference, and maybe just in general, is to talk to people.  This year for the [...]

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