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  • Image via The hyroid, pictured at top left of the neck (red). Photograph: DCM
    There are about 206 (with some variation) bones in an adult human skeleton. As babies, we have about 270 soft bones, but as we grow and our bodies change, certain bones begin to go through a process called ossification- the bones harden up and fuse together. Most bones [...]
  • Image via
    A few days ago, an article began to circulate about a medieval burial that revealed evidence that the people of the time and area had laid a vampire to rest. This is exciting for all parties involved! Even if the archaeological aspect of the story doesn’t get [...]
  • Painting By Salvador Dali
    A few weeks ago, I was power streaming the television series ‘Scrubs’, and in one episode they had a patient who was walking around the ficitional Sacred Heart hospital and saying whacky things. His diagnosis? “He thinks he’s dead. He has [...]

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